Day: April 2, 2022

Is Botox Dangerous – Debunking The Myth

We’ve all seen and heard the talks about Botox and how dangerous it is. And it’s got to be dangerous, right? After all, “Botulinum” is literally a toxin. That must mean it, and thus Botox itself, is a dangerous practice… right?

Well… it turns out the truth is a bit more complicated. While there is always a kernel of truth in every lie, so is the case here. The reality is that, by and large, Botox is no more dangerous than driving a car, getting an X-ray, or eating at a burger joint while having a shellfish allergy. Is it possible that there could be a problem? Sure. Is it likely? Definitely not.

Below, we’re going to tackle many of the different myths that have attached themselves to Botox so that we can parse fact from fiction. And while that may not mean you should just run out to your nearest esthetician, it should at least let you make a more informed decision on what you should do about your stunning good looks.

Myth #1. “Botox Is Dangerous”

Let’s get into this in a bit more detail. While it is true that Botulinum is indeed a toxin, the amounts used cosmetically are so small that it’s hardly an argument. That’d be like saying you shouldn’t eat apples because they technically contain cyanide. Yes, they have it, but the amount is so small, that you’re needlessly fretting over nothing.

The worse you’ll ever get from Botox is a slight bit of bruising at the injection site or slight eyelid drooping, both of which resolve after a week or two… and that’s if the injection was bad!

Myth #2. “But You Build Up A Resistance Over Time”

Another myth that’s just wrong. Not only do you not build up a tolerance to Botox, but your muscles in that area also begin to weaken. This means that, instead of needing more sessions, you’ll end up needing less.

Myth #3. “But Won’t Your Face Get ‘Stuck’?”

Ok, while this is not flat-out wrong, there is more nuanced than most people initially expect. The truth is that it depends on how much Botox you want injected as well as where you want it. Some patients, for example, want very little movement. Other patients (the vast majority), however, just want to soften facial lines and reduce strain on their rested expressions.

There are a lot of benefits I didn’t even go over when it comes to using Botox. To learn more, be sure to visit the folks over at Montreal Botox. Not only are their experts well trained on Botox specifically (as well as other areas), they can even help you determine what will work best for you and your face.

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