Reasons Why You Should Choose a Real Estate Law

When you want to buy or sell property, you might need the professional help of a real estate attorney. This is always the case where you do not have any experience buying or selling property, or where there is a huge amount of money and risk involved. Here are some reasons why you should hire a real estate attorney and factors you should consider when choosing one.

Due diligence

The best way of making sure that you do not fall prey to scammers is by engaging the services of a real estate lawyer and having them do a background check on the property you wish to buy before you enter any contract. Stone & Sallus Law have a team of lawyers who can help you carry out a proper due diligence check and help you verify that the seller his legitimate and their property is genuine.

Contract drafting

When it comes to real estate transactions, you would have to register your property with the relevant authorities. Most of the time, people hire a lawyer to draft their documents or review them before they sign the documents. The reason why you need a real estate lawyer is that they have experience drafting different real estate contracts and they know what to look out for to reduce liability on your end.


In order to close on your property sale or purchase, you have to do the registration process. Your real estate lawyer can help you close on the property, a process that can be daunting for any first-time seller or home buyer.

Finding the best real estate lawyer for a property transaction.

When choosing a real estate lawyer, you should consider one who is qualified and has years of experiencing conducting real estate transactions. You should also consider looking for a lawyer who has a membership in professional associations such as the American Bar Association. A real estate lawyer would be better off than a real estate agent who has no legal experience or knowledge and cannot sign documents.

It is also advisable that you check the website of the law firm you wish to hire and check their reviews to see whether they have any unsatisfied clients. Negative reviews should not be ignored because they could mean that the lawyer us incompetent. It is also recommended that you choose a real estate lawyer who has real estate and property law instead of a general one.

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